Top 5 Mistakes of a Man on the First Date

Nowadays, loneliness is one of the most serious sociological and psychological problems in the world. No wonder, people are desperately looking for a soulmate. However, quite often after the first date, a girl does not pick up her phone or says that the cat of her cousin’s friend has recently passed away. It means that the first date has left a wrong impression, despite what a man could think.

Behavior a Man Shall Avoid on the First Date

  1. Being vulgar: statistically, this is the worst mistake on the first date. More than 20 percent of dates remained in the past if a man speaks too saucy making hints on intimacy. This is not the subject to be raised on the first date (or when a man gets acquainted), of course. if it is not the only goal and intention.
  2. Being selfish and self-concentrated: for a girl, there is nothing worse than to listen only to her date. Of course, a man shall tell about himself. However, being simply polite means that he should ask his date questions about her and her life.
  3. Being too boastful: there is no need to impress a woman with a brand-new car, or expensive clothes, or whatever else. If a man has all these, his date will notice herself. It is better to avoid mentioning how much a car or the pants cost. It is way worse when a man is lying or overestimating what he really has. The first date shall show true face. Earlier or later, both will find out the truth.
  4. Talking only about problems: on the first date, it is better not to inform the potential girlfriend of work or money problems. A man shall always remember that women appreciate those who can solve their problems and will not create additional ones. Mind point 2 as well.
  5. Behaving like macho: for a girl, especially during the first dinner, it is not important how easily a man can get along with other women. It will even create a reverse effect. Later, when she finds out that lots of girls fall for her boyfriend, who shall ignore them, by the way, she will admit his good looks and attraction. If a man shows that he enjoys attention from other women, it may lead to jealousy which is not a way to a successful relationship.

In general, on the first date, a man should try to show his real and best qualities. Being sympathetic and understanding will be an advantage. However, important is to keep balance. Flattering and uncommon softness will also not work for the benefits. Besides, it is better to be polite: open the door in front of her and give her way, pay the bill and tell her compliments. In the times of gender equality, these deeds still work.

A man should remember, if a woman agreed on the first date, for some reason, she decided to give him a chance. Important is not to waste it with dirty shoes or inappropriate jokes. After success on the first date, these relations may develop into a serious commitment and love.