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Smokers most times tend to have tried several means to stop smoking but all to no avail. Nevertheless, what they have failed to do is to try it in a natural way.   There are some that have quit smoking after using a natural means.  Quitting smoking is possible with a clear plan that will purify and support the body in a natural way.
Thus your nicotine craving will be over.

The dangers of smoking are not hidden to most people in the United States, but yet people still long cigarette holder.  The reason for this is the presence of nicotine which is quite addictive.  More than 80 percent of those that smoke desire quitting at some time in their life.  Even those addicted to heroin will tell you that the most difficult habit to break is nicotine.


About 30 percent of pancreatic carcinoma cases are related cigarette smoking.   Lung cancers too can be attributed to cigarette smoking as smokers are more likely to have them than nonsmokers.  The higher the quantity you smoke and as at when you began, the higher the danger of lung cancer.

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Offspring’s of smokers face the dangers of sudden- infant-death-syndrome, lung infections and cancer The American Journal of Public Health, 1989, reported that these offspring have increased incidence with asthma, ear infections, cold and bronchitis that can be severe.

Their lung function test and development are diminished.

A balanced diet, consumption of clean water and intake of a vitamin supplement on a daily basis does not guarantee a smoker is healthy.  Heavy smokers do not benefit much from a healthy eating.  They still have low blood levels of vitamin C, A, folic acid and zinc because it tends to be usually depleted from smokers bodies. Smokers can quit smoking without the use of drugs. It might be surprising to you but this addiction can be broken without reliance on any medication.

Some Concepts to Help You Stop Smoking

For every time you might have tried to stop smoking and failed, you must have learnt something. Your experiences at failing only but draws you nearer to succeeding in it. Many of those that have successfully quit smoking did not get it right in their first attempt.

It took them a lot of practice and failing.

An integral part of your struggle with smoking is to know the interventions you will utilize when you start having cravings to smoke. For a start, you can stay away from other smokers. Some deep breathing exercises will also help you to relax. When you exercise too, your stress is controlled and you will be occupied. When you start thinking about quitting smoking you should also consider how to get rid of toxins from your system.

One way to look at it is that a lot of dependencies start in the liver. Hence, to cleanse and detoxify the liver is an important step to take towards freeing yourself from these addictions.

If the liver is detoxified, cravings for nicotine are reduced. To flush nicotine out of the system, the use of Echinacea is helpful. Vitamin C is a chelator of harmful constituents in the body. It does this by getting hold of the offenders and flushing it out via the waste system.

The normal dose of C can be 1000mg four times daily; a double dose of glutamine 1000mg and N-Acetyl-cysteine 1000mg. 20 Sun Wellness Chlorella tablets and Evening Primrose Oils of four capsules can help with nicotine detoxification. It also worth mentioning that intakes of sugar and junk food can aggravate cravings, so it would be wise to avoid them.

The same goes for stevia, stevioside and FOS.

It also worth mentioning that intakes of sugar and junk food can aggravate cravings, so it would be wise to avoid them. To normalize those sugar cravings, ginseng can be helpful. Some other addictions are caused by mineral deficiencies and trace mineral.   To quit smoking your diet should be inclusive of zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Cravings are usually the main issues.  They can be substituted with herbal teas, vitamins and essential oils. Diets that promote body alkaline helps reduce nicotine desire. For relaxation, stress, B-complex 100mg per day and 800 mg of magnesium can be taken. 

Also, consider water with drops of wild lettuce/valerian. Some in their quitting time recommended ‘Peace and Calming,’ a young living essential oil. Others have recommended clove oil too to fight nicotine cravings.  In a book titled the ‘Master Cleanser,’ Stanley Burrough gives a description of how clove oil can be utilized to immediately kill the desire to smoke.

It can be a simple way to go about it.

Peppermint oil too is recommended as being effective.   Both clove and peppermint oil requires a touch of it at the back of your tongue to suppress the nicotine desire. Other oils that are helpful are cinnamon and nutmeg. To list some more oils, there are JuvaFlex and JuvaCleanse, Exodus II, Thieves, and Harmony. You can use them by direct inhalation or diffusion.

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